Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SCHOOLHOUSE EARTH - Learning Life Lessons

Schoolhouse Earth:
Lesson 1

---I’m sure you all remember Buckminster Fuller’s ‘’Spaceship Earth’’ where he likens the earth itself to being a kind of rocket ship hurtling through space. Well I’d like to change the image of a rocket ship into a schoolhouse…earth itself is giant school where we learn life lessons, until we LEARN life's lessons, hurtling through space.
---The idea came to me from something that was said in the Poetry Class. Daphne, mentioned the term ‘’earth school’’ in a poem that she had written. I had heard the term before as I am sure that some of you have. And then I got to thinking what are life lessons that we all have in common - but seem to learn at our own pace.
---One that comes to mind almost immediately is one of - a] Don’t take yourself too seriously and/or his sidekick for me b] Don’t take everything/anything too personally. Both can raise havoc in any kind of relationship you may be in. Learning to distance yourself from people’s comments allows one to look more objectively at what is happening other then immediately taking ‘’offense’’ and getting ‘’defensive.’’ It turns into a fight of who is right and who is wrong…instead seeing the comment objectively and then benefiting from it.
---Remember the great Erma Bombeck line - ‘’if you can laugh at it, you can live with it.’’ No matter how one sees his time spent on planet earth, that seems like a good one to learn. Oh, yeah, here is another - ‘’keep it simple.’’ Another valuable lesson I learned by doing the opposite. Take Care.
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