Wednesday, January 9, 2013



---David is the winner in the relationship. He beats the giant, Goliath. David stones Goliath, until he topples. Though, much smaller in stature, David comes out on top.
---But, are these the kinds of relationships we are looking for? Is every relationship based on winning and losing? I would say that if it is thought that that is all there is, you are in for quite a roller-coaster ride.
---A more satisfying relationship, would be one of mutual respect and concern. If David sat down and talked with Goliath, they may strike up a friendship. They may find they like spending time together, and in the process, may become friends. They may find they have much in common and have lots of things to talk about.
---We find that David NO longer has a need to fight Goliath, and, vice-versa. Their differences have been resolved, through honest communication. They have broken bread, together, so to speak. They are NOT enemies, any longer. Now, they have become friends. Take Care.

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