Thursday, July 26, 2012


---In life, many of us seem to wish that we could have a do over, wish we could take that back or would wish we would be given a second chance. I’ve noticed that even though many may slip and simply have made a mistake…there are many who do the same thing (make the same mistake) again and again! They are aware that something is wrong about their answer, but they really can’t put their finger on the mistake.
---Unlike the kangaroo, we can walk backwards. We can cover our tracks, our mistakes or whatever it is that may need covering. But, not everyone does a real good job of it. It is usually because the mistake has left a gaping hole that needs covering, but the knowledge to know to properly treat the wound is not learned. That is why we see many folks putting bandages on cancers. They are ineffectual and out-and-out NOT the correct answer for the situation.
---This wrongness of treatment can be easily traced back to the ‘’need to be perfect’’ and inability to withstand ‘’looking badly’’ for a second longer than we have to. We put a bandage on it and hope the blame doesn’t get focused on us for any length of time.
---If we are/were MORE secure about ourselves, we would actually welcome these moments, because these are the ones that teach us. If we spend most of our time pretending that we are perfect…then THESE MOMENTS CAN BE DEVASTATING!
---Once, again…we are saving face instead of telling the truth. We wouldn’t have the need to backtrack if we methodically and deliberately took each and every step slowly and thoughtfully. We don’t. We tend to plow along until we can’t do that anymore.
---The answer to this is just to be aware of what you are doing. If you are down-in-the-dumps, listen to Mark Twain - ‘’to cheer yourself up, cheer someone else up.’’ Realize that, along with everyone else, you are, probably, NOT PERFECT…EITHER. It may take some of the burden off of you to know that. I guarantee that knowing that and embodying that is a huge step forward. With that knowledge…there is NO NEED to cover your tracks. At this point, we may find we have more in common with the kangaroo than we think. Be Well.

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