Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Waiting For GODOT -

---This is a PLAY, by Samuel Beckett. It was immediately deemed a classic by many people. It is essentially a dialog among soldiers, waiting for someone or something named Godot, to show up. Godot never shows. They are stuck talking amongst themselves, while they wait.
---A new story should have the title, ''REALIZING GODOT.'' It is the condition where one realizes that GODOT, is already present. He has been, here, WAITING - FOR US, to have the realization that he has been, here, all along.
---The story of, ''Waiting For Anything,'' suggests that we may recognize the ''thing,'' when it shows up. One may go through many things, in the midst of antipation. One may imagine anything may happen, when WHATEVER IT IS, we think, arrives.
---When we REALIZE, we may then say that such-and-such, has always been among us. We are just catching on to the fact that HE has always been here.
---We can then say that, ''GODOT IS WAITING for us to REALIZE that HE/SHE or IT, (however it speaks to you,) is already here.'' And that fact, my friends, is much, more accurate. Take Care.
In, actuality, GODOT is just here. Waiting is a concept that we relate to.

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