Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NOT All Sex, Drugs and Rock+Roll -

Not ALL Sex, Drugs and
Rock+Roll - In The 60's
---The sixties seemed like a time that many things began to change. It is really difficult for me to say for sure, as this was the period of time that most kids my age, change, anyway.
---Sex, Drugs and Rock+Roll, was a way the young could express themselves, that was different then the older generation. If S, D and R+R were popular among the older folk, things may have played out a little different.
---One thing that I've noticed myself to have embraced is the idea of breaking down walls and bridging gaps - between Authority and Underling. (They both have worn many names, but I think you get the picture.) I, somehow, like the idea of, We Are ALL In This TOGETHER. I like us ALL being on the same page. It certainly cuts down on the separation we may feel between us and we don't seem as quick to judge anothers behavior.
We Are ALL Cut From The SAME Gib -
---You can respect someones knowledge on a subject, but realize that he is cut from the same gib as yourself. People are allowed to share what they know, because it is needed to be known. There is NOT a ''need,'' for a false hierarchy to maintain civility. People are nice, because they are nice. Civility, maintained as it has been, is pretty much based on FEAR - for the most part.
---When the walls that separate, tumble down...fear is wiped away, in the process. We are closer to a oneness and more on the same page.

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