Sunday, January 20, 2008


LION lays down with LAMB.
---We have the Lion laying down with the Lamb. This only happens when their is PEACE. When the two different factions have ''worked-out'' their differences, and mutual respect replaces the way that one was perceiving the other, before this took place.
---Many of the stories one finds, in-and-out of the bible, have this dynamic. They, actually, like one another, now. It is an example of Love bringing the two sides together, in a peaceful setting.
---The more that we like the things that we do , Love grows in a situation, and the closer that the parties become. The Relationship tends toward a unity, with Love working as the catalyst. Love is ALWAYS the Great Unifier.
---To those who want to read into this further, we can, also, see that Love brings together the dualism within ones ownself. We begin by accepting and learning to like ourselves and who we are and, before we know it, the inner conflict, tends to resolve itself. Peace prevales. The LION and the LAMB can now lay down, within. The pairs of opposites that one may have found himself contending with, have come together in a peaceful way. The person who has done this, exudes a peace to ALL he meets.

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