Friday, January 25, 2008



---What do we usually share? When we meet someone we know a bit, we tend to begin telling that person - our latest event. We are NOT going to start with people who begin with gossip.
---We share what is happening with us. In the process, we are also conveying our slant or vision of things.
---We can easily make a very negative sounding experience be very positive if we add - what we have learned, or may learn, in the process. This gives reason to the fact that we have negative experiences, in the first place.
---If we do this consistently enough, we will unveil those things that we avoid, and do NOT readily face. I can guarantee that if one stays with this process, one will eventually see the molehills return from the mountains one has made them into, and life will become a more level playing field. Life will become much easier to navigate and negotiate.
Adding What We Have Learned, Makes A Negative, Be Positive.
(Darth Vader Mask on loan - The Henry A. Collection)

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Linda said...

Thank you, I am going to try to incorporate this into my daily routine...Henry, however, is going to continue to rant without end...