Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mistake or Learning?
---When we make a mistake, do we fall into the trap by telling ourself, ''how stupid we are,'' or do we look at it as an opportunity to grow? Mistakes, are no more than a training tool we use to improve. We don't make mistakes, intentionally...but they are filled with things to learn, when we do.
---It is very unhealthy to be afraid to make mistakes. To spend a lot of time, pretending that all is well, when it isn't...gets us nowhere. We stagnate, that way. We do much better when we can ''own-up'' to what we do or have done. We feel better, too. We see, in this way that, ''telling the truth has made us free.''
---This is the way we, ''pay our dues.'' We don't pass the buck, as often, and take responsibilty.
If we worry that we may look bad, we usually don't tell the truth. I don't know of anyone who enjoys looking bad. But, taking yourself TOO SERIOUSLY, can be worse for you. One becomes very rigid and hardened, that way. Be flexible and elastic. As, Erma Bombeck, used to say, ''if you can LAUGH at it, you can LIVE with it.''
---The next time you make a mistake or do something wrong, realize that it is just part of the learning process. We ALL know about making mistakes, because we have ALL made them. Be good to yourself and own up to least to yourself. You will see that it will reap rewards, eventually. When You KNOW YOURSELF...Then You KNOW What Is Right To DO. Take Care.

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