Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The BEST Time I Ever Had...

I Was Assigned To A
Metaphysical Bookclub
We Would Read The Books and Discuss Them
Interpret Them Every Which Way

Soon, I Was Asked To Lead The Group
People Would Seem To Struggle
With Passages Very Clear To Me

How Could ''Killing The Buddha,''
Make Sense or
400,000 Prostrations
Before an Icon
or Death to the Ego
or Suffering, When God is Love
or Better, Yet
Why Do Some Understand This
And Some Do NOT?

Maybe, The Virgin Birth is
A Zen Koan
or Just
A Spiritual Concept

These Are SIMPLE To
A Poetic Mind
But NOT So To
A ''VERY'' Literal ONE

This is, basically, the same stuff I know to be true, also.

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