Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look MA - I'm FLYING!!

Look MA, I'm FLYING -
(Video Above)

I Have Had It With This Nest.
I'm Leaving!
I'll, Probably, Be Back
But, It Will Just Be To Visit

The House Is Different, Now.
I'm Different.
There Are Times We Agree
And, There Are Times We Don't

You Pushed Me Out, You Know,
With All Of Your Bloody Help.
You Were, Probably, Doing Your Best
Now, It's Time To Do MY Best

The Years Have Gone By
And - Blah, Blah, Blah.
Well, I'm Back, Now. But, Its Just For Awhile.
I'm Here For That Visit, I Was Talking About

I'm Doing This And That,
And Such And Such.
I Still Make Time For My Stuff.
It Doesn't Sound Like Much
But, It Keeps Me Busy
I Don't Know Where The Time Goes

There Is One Thing I Want To Say.
I Know It Has Been Said Before.
But, Did You Notice
Something Different, About Me, This Time?

It'll Happen, Again, When I Leave This Place.

Ma!! Are You Watching, While I Take Off?

(In VIDEO - I am singing with Bobby Darling and Ed F.)

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