Tuesday, February 5, 2008


(My Dad: A Major Contributor)

---I think every family has one. It is the way that each family, meets the challenges it faces. We have each member of every family with his own particular way of going about things, and we have a larger ‘’family’’ playbook, that usually holds the parameters that each member of the family, tends to follow.
---The way we respond to situations is usually found in the Playbook. It may have its variations, as each member is NOT exactly the same.
---Of course, the idea of the Playbook comes from the NFL. It contains, allegedly, a different way that those involved may react and counter whatever situation is presented to them on the field of battle, much like we ALL do. It is the general way that players respond and react to one another.
---You may find yourself sounding like your mother, or some aunt or uncle. If it ALL goes according to an evolving process toward the better, it seems we would improve the ‘’Book,’’ as we go along. Each generation receives an ‘’updated’’ version.
---My brother and I, may do many of the same things our Mom and Dad did, but we also have adapted, thus changed the Playbook, to fit our particular styles. The one we were given is being changed to fit, who WE ourselves, are.
---The ‘’Playbook’’ is NOT a static thing, but is continually a work-in-progress, to be as flexible as necessary. It is just that generally, OVER TIME, changes are made. This is to say, that we are free to respond to anything, anyway imaginable, it’s just that we resort to what we know and what works. We do basically much the same things and change slowly.
---His children have a Playbook that is much the ‘’same,’’ but ‘’different.’’ Their kids have one and so on and so on.

--- Remember: It isn’t the STRONGEST, or the SMARTEST, that does the very best. It is the one who ADAPTS, most freely. One adapts towards being more LOVING and FREE. Be Well.

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