Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HOW WE TELL BAD NEWS - (But...It Is ALL Relative)

The Telling Of Bad News
(But…It is ALL Relative)

I’d Like To Tell You Mrs. H
Your Son May Grow Up To Be An Astrophysicist
Or President of the United States of America
Or an Ambassador For This Country
He May Make a Great Teacher or Principal
Or Soothsayer For Mankind
He May Take The Fork Out Of Our Forked Tongue
He Could Be Just That Good

The Nurse Kept Interrupting
‘’Aren’t You Going To Tell Her Doctor?’’

He Whispered Under His Breath
‘’I’ll Get To That’’

He May Know The Clouds In The Sky
Or The Atoms In A Nucleus
He May Calm The Seas
And Berate The Bureaucrats

The Nurse Could NOT Contain Herself,
‘’Doctor…Will You Tell Her?’’
‘’I’ll Get To It,’’ He Said

Mrs. H Said, ‘’Tell Me What?’’
The Doctor Paused
And Then He Said
‘’The Nurse Wants Me
To Tell You The Truth -
But, I’d Rather Cloak It In Possibilities’’

‘’You Mean He May NOT Be President?
He May NOT Be An Astrophysicist?’’

They Heard A WAH...
Coming From Across The Room

It Was The Baby…Himself

‘’I May As Well Tell You The Truth
You’ll See For Yourself Soon Enough, Anyway.
The Baby Has One Hand’’

The Nurse Said ‘’Finally’’
There Came A Coo From Across The Room
Mrs. H., Was Aghast
‘’He Only Has One-Hand’’ She Stuttered

No One Knew How To Feel
Because, This Was All So New To Them.

And…The Baby Continued To Coo From Across The Room!

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