Thursday, November 15, 2012


---I want to add at this time that the release that is spoken of in the quote is the release of the energy within. The more that the release goes toward love…the more it is a true expression of the self. The more honest the expression is, the more it is a true expression of the self. My friend David R. did
the painting of Mother Theresa.

---Every expression is this. The more loving, the more a true expression. Also, the more self-conscious, fear-based and hateful the response…the response is then negative. The response is COMPROMISED. At this point we find it to be more of a FRUSTRATION.

---We are able to see this in the sexual response. The ideal is two loving beings ‘’getting’’ together to increase the love that exists. Sex with love is positive and life-affirming. Sex without love is negative and NOT life-affirming...and,
hence, compromised [frustration.]

---An expression of honesty and love from within is positive and life affirming, but an expression of the self based on anything beside love is lacking. One can tell something is missing. To those that can really see this are the beings that I feel can understand what a piece of art is ‘’saying’’ as a representation of the expression of he who made it.

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