Monday, August 16, 2010


Importance of self-acceptance on your mental health

''There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.'' Shakespeare

---Acceptance plays a big role in our lives as we line up our needs and preferences. Self acceptance is a huge key to our personal happiness. What follows is my own story.
---I was born missing four fingers on my left-hand. There is, basically, a thumb, there. I spent a lot of time hiding my hand, being afraid that if people knew the real me, it wouldn’t be ‘’good enough.’’ Somehow, I thought that a false version of me would be better. I was very much mistaken.
---I hid my hand from practically everyone. I was very good at it. But…what I’m really saying is that I was very good at NOT being myself. I ended up in the mental health system due to antics related to this idea. I was hospitalized. I was placed in a mental hospital…really, all due to thinking it was NOT good enough to be me.
---At one point, I believed that healing would come in the form of growing fingers…in some way. I thought that healing would be in making me look like everyone else. Once, again, I was incorrect. Healing is ACCEPTING YOURSELF AS YOU ARE. It really doesn’t happen any other way.
---What one has in common with others is the fact that everyone has something that they would RATHER NOT HAVE…and, are hence, dealing with. People learn their life lessons in dealing with its acceptance.
---There was a change in my attitude. Instead of thinking I would benefit from being something or someone, else, I realized that the best that I can be is to be myself. But, that, then, just opens the door.
---I next realized that it is important to find out what that means. It doesn’t mean that you suddenly do whatever you want and forget everyone else. It becomes a journey of self-discovery…uncovering what it all means. You are able to watch yourself unravel, sloughing off those unnecessary things we all seem to carry - to hide from being ourselves. (I remember hiding my hand from a blind man). What I once saw as a great curse is now a great blessing. ACCEPTANCE is the key.
---I believe that mental hospitals are filled with people who have NOT accepted themselves. They are filled with people who think that if you really got to know them or if you even cared enough to get know them…you would be very disappointed in the findings. They have NO value and NO worth. They are mistakes…in someway. This misconception and ignorance has been handed down, through the generations, since time began. We see here how well-placed positive affirmations from others can be a big plus.
---If you are still not convinced, the challenge would be this - Try it. Try accepting yourself as you REALLY are. Remember that the longer you resist the truth, the more it will persist…AS A PROBLEM. Even if it is just being honest with yourself about one thing about yourself…that is a good place to start. Take Care!
Self Acceptance - ''The ROAD to HAPPINESS''

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