Saturday, February 12, 2011



---Here is something that I haven't written about for awhile. It is about my hand and self-acceptance.
--- I think we can agree on the following:
  • Everyone wants (needs) to be heard + taken seriously
  • Everyone wants to do what he enjoys
----I wish to say, here, that one gets stuck on the first point, and most times can't go on to the second point. Until one is heard, he will basically find that what he does, concerns, mostly with his being heard. That is to say, until one has the need to be heard, met, one finds that he is usually stuck trying to be heard. But, once free, he can then begin naming, more realistically, his needs and preferences.
---What I wanted to hear is that it is okay to have one hand. It is alright to be myself. It took over 30 years for me to hear this. I spent time in mental hospitals with this need. I had to be convinced that is okay to be like I am. This really is the dynamic that has governed much of my life. This is number 1. This is what I needed to hear. This is what others had to hear, also, so they could affirm me, along these lines. Being heard, I was then freed.
---When one is truly freed from the need to be heard, then he can more fully participate in 2]. Doing what I enjoy becomes more natural, now. One is generally happier and more able to find, pick and choose, those things that one likes to do. My life has improved very much.
---My case may seem like an extreme case, but I have learned that everyone has something they are dealing with. This doesn't depend on what social class you may belong to, resident and staff, alike. We all have something that we would rather not have.
---Overnight successes, are few and far between and usually have a short lifespan. One usually has to pay his dues, to embody all this. But, learning lessons is what life is all about, anyway.

As I have said before - ''Through acceptance...what you see as a great CURSE, can be a great BLESSING''
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