Saturday, April 11, 2009


(Create Your Own)

---I'm sure you remember the Dream Team. They were the basketball team that played in the Olympics. They were gathered from the professional basketball teams, around the country. I think they won every game they played. The year was 1992, for the original team.
---I was thinking of our situation, at the hospital, and I'll bet we ALL have a DREAM TEAM, of our own. They would be chosen from our list of likes and dislikes. They don't have to be basketball players or anything of the sort. They are made up of the nurses, doctors, porters, etc., that we work with on a daily basis. They are chosen from the people who impressed us the most. Probably, those that we have worked best with or had the best experience.
---This list would not necessarily have to be concocted from the best that the therapy staff has to offer, but just be workers that you had a rewarding time with. Even, if you have had a bad time of it, I will bet there are some that you are happier to see, than others.
---Think back on your days spent, here. Put together a Dream Team, of your own. Don't get stuck seeing if the possibility to get them back into your present situation, is there or not. Think upon what they brought to your relationship. This may help with the sorting of your needs and preferences. Be playful and creative. Let yourself go. The less held back you allow yourself to be, the more honest and vitalized you will see yourself, with this process. Take Care.
Without a doubt, I had the hospital in mind when I wrote the above article, but, you can easily translate it - Out of ALL the people you have ever associated with, create a DREAM TEAM.

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