Monday, January 5, 2009


---When a running back drops the football, his teammates do NOT all call his attention to it. It is NOT his soul obligation to jump on the fumble. If a fumble occurs, EVERYONE tries to jump on the ball. NOT just the player who drops it.
---A team works as a unit, and works at doing the ''right thing.'' It is EVERYONES responsibility. Much is NOT accomplished when EVERYONE is busy assigning, who is to blame. People are saving-face in the process of assigning blame. They are essentially saying that if you find a mistake, it is HIM and NOT ME. The responsibility lies elsewhere.
---If a player needs a reprimand, it is the job of the coach to correct him. He or she should approach the situation as diplomatically as possible, and find what needs to be fixed...and work toward fixing it. Then the next time that situation comes up, we are NOT surprised by it, and EVERYONE is more aware of what their job is. In this way we will see the whole team improve as time goes on. Take Care.
Really About Saving Face While Working, Closely, With Others..

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