Thursday, January 10, 2008


You May
Sabotage Your Own Fun -
---When you have an ''idea,'' do you think of the different ways it may be possible? Or, are you like most people and think that the idea is impossible and there is NO way I could get it accomplished, anyway. I'll let someone else do it. If it is meant to be, someone else will have to do it.
---This is a recipe for Boredom if there ever was one. You end up spending a lot of time ''waiting.'' One has Fun when One is involving his whole self in what he is doing. His whole self is enthusiastic and passionate and his attention is focused on the subject and he doesn't want to drift. He is, ''hitting on all cylinders,'' like a car. And, we know it works better that way.
---What if Thomas Edison, for example, thought his ideas were just nonsense and impossible. He made a huge contribution to the way we live. There were many before him and since him.
---Everyone of us have ideas about something and the way we would like to see things. We could be seeing something new or improve on something that already exists. Since ''Necessity is the Mother of Invention,'' I'll bet everyone with a NEED, has an idea.
---Granted, many wouldn't fly, as they say, but some may. This is a technique to get you to exercise your mind. The point is - that it flies for you. There is no right or wrong, it just strengthens your creativity and imagining power and ability.

---Let your mind go free, even for a second and if you are honest about it, I'll bet it felt good. If you were afraid to be out of control or something like that, it shows you you have many things you fear. Be playful and learn. It will be fun if you can, lighten-up. I, GUARANTEE, you will be doing yourself a favor. Bite-the-bullet a bit. If you are afraid at first, take it slow. Eventually, it gets easier. After awhile, you will be swinging for the fences.
100% Effort is 100% Reward - Ghandi
[FEAR is an awful tough thing to be afraid of. UNDERSTAND what we FEAR and it gets better.]
(Picture by Mom of Henry A.)

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